UTF Korea

Welcome to the United Tang Soo Do Federation of South Korea. Headed by Grandmaster Wan S. Jang (pictured below), the Korea Headquarters school has 6 branch schools and is the premier traditional Tang Soo Do school system in South Korea.  Classes are held daily at each branch school from 10:00 AM till 11:00 AM and every hour from 2:00 PM till 11:00 PM. For information about joining the school, contact the branch school located nearest to you listed below.


Korea Headquarters School:
President - Grandmaster Wan S. Jang
1088 San Bon Dong    Koon Po City
Kyung Ki Do, Korea

Master Si Sang Jang
Am Sa Dong   Kang Dong Koo
Seoul, Korea

408 Ho Han Jin Store
Hang Dang Dong   Sung Dong Koo
Seoul, Korea

Bu Chun City:
Master Moon Sup Jo
Sang Dong    Won Mi Koo
Bu Chun City, Kyung Ki Do, Korea

Koon Po City:
Master Suk Ki Lee
Han Ra Apt Store
San Bon Dong
Koon Po City, Kyung Ki Do, Korea

An Yang City:
Master Ho Jong Pak
Han Ra Apt Store
Bak Dal Dong
An Yang City, Kyung Ki Do, Korea

Soon Chun City:
Master Mo Chang Lee
Kum Dang Ji Koo    Jo Rae Dong
Soon Chun City, Jun Nam, Korea