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Here you will find a list of important events as well as the event calendar for the most current month that you can print.  To view downloaded documents from this site, you will need the Adobe Reader.

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2018 UTF Tang Soo Do Championships: Grandmaster’s annual Tang Soo Do tournament is fast approaching and we will definitely be bringing a team to represent!  Our Demo team will be performing and all students are eligible to compete (including Tigers!).  Awards will be large trophies for all competitors and many make a vacation out of the trip by visiting the beach.  Information is available on the tournament website www.pakskarate.com/tournament.  As always, our Tournament Training Class is available FREE for all those wishing to compete—just see Mr. Derek to discuss class attendance.  Space is also available for students who want to ride with the team in the school van on a first-come/first-serve basis.  See Master Chapman for details on riding in the van.

STUDENT ENROLLMENT DRIVE:  For those who do not know, we have a student referral program whereby a current student can sponsor a new student and earn a $75 Gift Certificate!  This includes referring family members too (hint hint).  This month we are having a special trial program for new students.  Try out any class for a week for only $1.  You may have seen our Facebook post on this special.  Please share it with your friends on Facebook and if they mention you, guess who gets the referral reward when they enroll… 


Stay in touch with what is happening on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pakskarate.louisiana

Once you join our Facebook page, request to be added to the Paks Karate Louisiana Parents & Students closed group.  This can be done by searching for it in the Facebook search bar and clicking on the link for Send Request to join.  

    2018 Testing Dates:  March 10, June 8-9, September 15, December 7-8

    2018 United Tang Soo Do Championships – Jacksonville, FL – July 14th, 2018